Airwall Recovery


Is it time to refresh the look of your partitions? Our service technicians can also resurface the faces. They are trained to remove and re-install the panel hardware so that the face material is properly installed under the trim pieces. These include handles and hardware, horizontal and vertical trim, closure pieces and escutcheon cups. A wallcovering company not trained in operable partition covering will not be capable of removing and replacing the hardware and trim. In most cases when the hardware and trim are not removed, the face material will be butted against the trim, leaving the raw edges unprotected, becoming loose and frayed over time. Our technicians are also trained in the proper preparation of the panel substrate prior to installing the new wallcovering. Improper preparation will result in issues such as substrate rusting and wallcovering delamination. Whether the faces have become worn, stained, torn, or if you just need to update your décor, Corbin-Hufcor can help. We offer a large selection of vinyl, fabric, and carpet colors and have access to a wide array of finishes specifically designed for operable partitions


In addition to resurfacing, we can provide hardware replacement including retractable seals, horizontal and vertical trim, acoustical gaskets, ADA compliant pass door hardware and trolleys for any manufacturer. We also provide field installed marker boards, tack boards, chair rails, kick plates, windows and exit signs.